CCS Substitute Teacher


CCS Substitute Teacher
Cypress Christian Schools

The substitute teacher will cover a classroom, in the absence of a regular classroom teacher, and assist students to learn subject matter and/or skills required for scheduled lessons.  A teaching license or experience is preferred but not required.  All substitute teachers must successfully pass a background check prior to beginning any substitute assignments.  


  • Demonstrates love for God
  • Demonstrates love for students
  • Demonstrates effective communication according to Biblical standards
  • Demonstrates the ability to effectively follow and honor the instructions and plans of the regular classroom teacher


  • Substitute teachers assume the responsibilities of a classroom or specials teacher during their absence in a variety of grade levels and subject areas.
  • Substitute teachers are responsible to the school administrator for the daily operation of the school.
  • Substitute teachers will implement the plans left by the regular classroom teacher to ensure a productive learning environment for students.
  • Substitute teachers will fulfill all duties covered by the regular classroom teacher.  This may include lunchroom, recess, car line, and/or bus line duty.
  • Substitute teachers will leave feedback, about their day, for the regular classroom teacher to review upon their return.

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