CCS Girls Basketball Head Coach


CCS Girls Basketball Head Coach
Cypress Christian Schools
Seasonal Stipend Position

Cypress Christian School (CCS) is searching for a Girls Basketball Head Coach who is committed to educating students and challenging each individual to live as a Christian witness in service to others. As a CCS representative, you are called upon to be a role model and a witness to the Gospel of Christ. Your main goal/responsibility is to be engaged in creating an atmosphere in which the religious faith of each individual student as well as their intellectual, moral, and physical capacities can be developed.


  • Ability to organize and supervise a Girls Basketball program
  • Previous Girls Basketball coaching experience required
  • Knowledge of technical aspects of the assigned sport and willingness to continue to learn and examine new ideas pertinent to the assigned sport
  • A role model that coincides with Cypress Christian School’s mission


  • Follows and upholds the policies and mission statement of Cypress Christian School
  • Knowledgeable of league procedures and guidelines
  • Plan, organize and direct the CCS Girls Basketball program
  • Instructs and demonstrates skill sets and techniques necessary for individual and team development
  • Ensures that team rules and regulations regarding conduct and eligibility of the athletes are clearly communicated and followed
  • Plan, organize, advertise, and conduct tryouts for the basketball program; inform Athletic Department and participants of final selections. Maintain the integrity of the selection process
  • Organize parent drivers to ensure all athletes have a ride for competitions at opposing schools
  • Submits athletic rosters to the Athletic Director one week before the first game
  • Ensures that proper forms (insurance, attendance, medical) are obtained and current and that all student-athletes are academically eligible
  • Hold informational parent meetings at the beginning of each season. Organize a parent volunteer group to help with snack bar, parties, team meals, end-of-the-year banquet, etc.
  • Creates a safe environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and spiritual development of students
  • Maintains strong interpersonal skills: Works well with others from diverse backgrounds. Focuses on solving conflict, maintaining confidentiality, listening to others, keeping emotions under control, remaining open to others’ ideas, and contributing to building a positive team spirit
  • Model good sportsmanship behavior and maintain appropriate conduct towards opposing team, fans, parents, officials, spectators, and community

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