Student Activities


Our Athletics program is geared toward giving our students a productive outlet for energy and physical development. The discipline they learn from participating on our athletic teams will directly benefit their success in the future as team-members, strategists, and runners in the Ultimate Race of faith.

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Band & Choir

We are proud to have a talented group of students who participate in our band and choir. Starting with our 5th Grade Beginner Band, our instrumentalists develop and hone their skills with opportunities to perform alongside our Middle School Band at various events throughout the year. Additionally, our choir consists of gifted young men and women from our middle school who share their passion for Christ and music through song. These groups take great pride in their craft and bless our student body with their God-given gifts.

Visual Arts

This program provides students with incredible opportunities throughout the year to create and showcase the talent God has given them. Finished pieces are displayed in our main lobby and library to encourage participation and celebrate the time and effort our students pour into their work.

The school year is full of incredible opportunities for exposure to different art mediums and to participate in unique projects that help to sharpen their skills in this field. One example is our participation in the ACSI Art Festival held at Cedarville University.

Clubs & Events

Maybe sports, music, and art are not your thing. We have something for every interest! Check out the clubs and events and jump in to something that piques your curiosity!

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