Academic Resources

Student and Parent Support

Cypress Christian School utilizes outsides resources to provide academic support for students. These technology resources can provide extra practice in math or reading as well as video teaching of that lesson from the textbook when you need a refresher. 

FACTS Family Portal

We talk about FACTS a lot at Cypress but what is it? FACTS is the student information system used for everything from assignments, grades, homework, attendance, schedules and even your financial accounts. You created a FACTS account when you completed your online enrollment. We encourage you to bookmark on your home screen for easier reference to your student's school information. The district code is CYP-OH and you can reset your user name or password from their website if you do not remember those credentials.

FACTS for students is where they can check all of their grades, homework assignments and past and future lessons. District code is also CYP-OH

  • Username= student email
  • Password= student chosen (choose “Forgot my Password” if they need to reset it)
Log in to FACTS Family Portal

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle School students have all user names and passwords in the front of their agenda.

Google Classroom

Students can view their daily slide that shows everything we are doing in class that day in case of an absence. There is no special log in or username. All students have access via their Google Drive.

ELA (Language Arts)

PowerUp is an online app on their iPads for extra study practice

Username: firstname_lastname

Middle school students have the following online textbooks available to them: History, Math, Bible, and Science. Username and password can be found in the student's agenda

Math, Science and History McGraw Hill Resources

For textbook help: Open K-12 Portal app on student iPads-

For extra study helps: videos, games, lessons, etc.- go to the red McGraw Hill app on student iPad rather than the K-12 Portal app


Log in on Chrome

Username: email

Imagine Math

online app on iPads

Username: firstname last initial (no dots, no spaces)

Site Code- 9702648