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The Administrative Fee covers most student school supplies and field trips!
A complete list of fees can be found in our Family Handbook.
Fees are per student and non-refundable.


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All Ohio families can now qualify for the EdChoice Scholarship from the State of Ohio.

Not all families qualify for the maximum scholarship of $6,166 for 2024/25, however the scholarship pays an average of 97% of the tuition cost for most of our families.

EdChoice Scholarship

CCS participates in the EdChoice scholarship program. EdChoice is a state-funded scholarship managed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Scholarship amounts vary depending on household income (see chart).

As of July 2023, all Ohio families can now qualify for the EdChoice Scholarship from the State of Ohio. This scholarship pays 97% of the tuition cost for many of our school families!

Ways to Qualify

Option 1: School-based: student's assigned public school is on the designated school list
Unsure of your student's designated school? You can search using your address by using this link

Option 2: Income-based: the public school is not on the designated list but qualify based on income

How to Apply

Forms, instructions, and additional information can be found below. All documents should be returned to school via email ( or the school office:

  • Request Form
  • Proof of Address
  • Income verification with proof of income**- parents complete online via ODE
  • Grades 1-8: most recent report card from your public school

** For new income-based applications or families wanting to qualify for low-income status.

Other Important Information

  • Fees are not covered by the scholarship. Fees include but are not limited to: Application Fee, Administrative Fee, Reenrollment Fee, Withdrawal Fee, lost book fees, and 8th grade trip.
  • Families must begin making tuition payments if their scholarship is not awarded by October 14th. If the application subsequently is approved, over payments will be refunded to the family.

More information regarding the EdChoice scholarship can be found here.

24/25 Request Form

Guide to Proof of Address

24/25 Income Eligibility

24/25 Scholarship Amounts

How to Complete Income Verification

Tips on Entering Income Verification

Expansion Scholarship Fact Sheet